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Assignment 2 (Base SAS)

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Assignment 2 (Base SAS) Empty Assignment 2 (Base SAS)

Post  pallav on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:46 pm

The file iris.txt (Download from attachment) contains the famous `Fisher Iris Data' (from Andrews and Herzberg) consisting of sepal length and width and petal length and width measurements for 3 types of Iris: iris setosa, iris versicolor, and iris virginica. There are 50 measurements for each type of iris. Each row in the file contains 12 numbers: the four sepal and petal measurements for one plant of each species in the order specified above.

Task: Use the infile statement (not the cards statement) to create a SAS data set which contains only the sepal length measurements for each species. Turn in a nice printout of this data set, with appropriate labels. Use the pagesize option to print about 55 lines on a page. Consult infile statement for the method of reading files. The information in Defining New Variables may also prove useful, as might that regarding drop and keep.

1. Briefly describe how you would conduct a statistical test (Base SAS ONLY) of whether the sepal lengths for the three species are the same or different.

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