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Assignment 4

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Assignment 4 Empty Assignment 4

Post  pallav on Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:13 am

A study was used to determine whether a cost reduced product was equally preferred to the current product. 200 judges were asked their preference on the pair of samples, coded 27 and 45. One half of the group tasted sample 27 first and 45 second, the other half tasted the samples in the reverse order. Each judge was also asked to rate six qualities of these samples on a 0 to 6 scale (0=no response,1=excellent,... ,6 poor). The preferences of each judge were recorded as: 1, prefers first sample tasted 2, prefers second sample tasted 3, no preference. The data are in the file prodpref.dat.

The first entry is the judge number, the second entry is number of the sample tasted first, the third entry is the number of the sample tasted second, the fourth entry is the six ratings for the first sample tasted, the fifth entry is the six ratings of the second sample tasted, and the last entry is the preference.


1. How many of the judges preferred sample 27? Turn in a nice printout to back up your answer.

Hint: You may want to use some if-then statements in constructing an appropriate data set and also the n option in proc means. You could also use proc freq.There is no need to print out the data set here.

Attached is a require dataset

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