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Assignment 5 (Clinical)

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Assignment 5 (Clinical) Empty Assignment 5 (Clinical)

Post  pallav on Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:29 am

The file skin.txt contains data on skin cancer incidence per 100,000 and sunspot activity. The structure of each line in the file is: Year Male Total Sunspot, where Male is the incidence of skin cancer in males, Total is the incidence of skin cancer in the total population, and Sunspot is a measure of sunspot activity.


1. Turn in a single graph showing a nice plot of the Male versus Year data and the Total versus Year data using a different line style for the male and total data.

Hint: Use the /overlay option of proc gplot.

2. Make a nice line graph of Male versus Year and Sunspot versus Year on the same graph using two different vertical axes for the two measurements.

3. Make a nice graph of the Total versus Year and Sunspot versus Year data on the same graph with a single vertical axis, this time with a line graph for Total and a needle graph for Sunspot.

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