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Assignment 6 (Clinical Base)

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Assignment 6 (Clinical Base) Empty Assignment 6 (Clinical Base)

Post  pallav on Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:37 am

The file medical.dat contains the cholesterol readings of 4 patients over an eight week period. The objective is to determine whether the drug administered over this period was effective in reducing the cholesterol level of the patients. The code 999 was used in the data set to indicate a missing value.


1) Use an array to replace 999 with the SAS missing value symbol . (period) in the data set. You should also use an appropriate informat to read in the dates correctly. Turn in a copy of your program.

2. For a preliminary analysis only the first and last cholesterol reading for each patient will be used. Create a new data set containing 3 variables: patient name, first cholesterol reading, and last cholesterol reading.

The first. and last. functions should be used on a sorted version of the original data set. You may also want to use retain. Turn in a copy of your program and a print out of the new data set.


3. Since each patient is contributing 2 measurements a repeated measures analysis is appropriate.

Test the null hypothesis that the drug has no effect using a repeated measures analysis. Is the drug effective? Turn in a copy of your program with a brief explanation of your conclusion.

4. Conduct the repeated measures analysis using all of the cholesterol data. What is your conclusion? Turn in a copy of your program with a brief explanation of your conclusion.

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