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Descriptive statistics Problem

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Descriptive statistics Problem Empty Descriptive statistics Problem

Post  pallav on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:00 pm

Football: Bench Presses and Squats: Problem

A set of data was collected for the Brigham Young football team. Information on players’ positions, heights, weights, percent body fat, neck measurements, and performances on various weight lifts were recorded.


Determine the value of the covariance between bench press and squat, and state what this says about the relationship between the two variables.

The Football data set was collected from the Brigham Young University football program. Various body composition measurements (such as weight, height, percent body fat) and physical performance measurements (such as speed, bench press, and squat) are included in the data set. Note: Some observations have missing data values.

These are the variables in the data set:

Name Type Description
Height num height of player (inches)
Weight num weight of player (pounds)
Fat num percent body fat
Speed num evaluation of player’s speed
Neck num neck measurement (inches)
Bench num player’s bench press (pounds)
Squat num player’s squat (pounds)
LegPress num player’s leg press (pounds)
Position num primary position
Position2 num secondary position
Speed2 num second evaluation of player’s speed

Find attached excel file contains dataset for the same...

Descriptive statistics Problem Attachment
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