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Muzzle Velocities 1: Problem

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Muzzle Velocities 1: Problem Empty Muzzle Velocities 1: Problem

Post  pallav on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:06 pm

Muzzle Velocities 1: Problem

A government agency, assigned to compare the efficiency of weaponry used by state-level law enforcement with that of weaponry used by the general public, performed an experiment where the muzzle velocities of cartridges made from two types of gunpowder were recorded. The same type of firearm and cartridge was used for both types of gunpowder in the study. However, one type of powder (powder 1) is available for the general public and the other (powder 2) is made available primarily to law enforcement officials.

Determine the mean and standard deviation, and give the five-number summary for each type of gunpowder.

The Bullets data set contains data that was collected to determine whether there is a difference in the muzzle velocity of cartridges made from two types of gunpowder.

These are the variables in the data set:

Name Type Description
powder num type of gunpowder
velocity num muzzle velocity

Find attached excel file for the data...

Please post the solution....

Muzzle Velocities 1: Problem Attachment
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